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Gluten Free Consultants was created to assist restaurants in better serving their gluten intolerant patrons. Gluten intolerance and Celiac disease have recently come to the forefront in diagnoses of patients previously diagnosed with IBS and other ailments. It is far more common than most realize. According to the latest figures from the CFCR (Center for Celiac Research) 1 out of every 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease. The research indicates that celiac disease is twice as common as Crohn’s disease, ulceric colitis and cystic fibrosis combined. Although identified quickly in European countries the United States has not paid much attention in years past. That is quickly changing.

Even fast food restaurants offer gluten free options in Europe. Restaurants in the United States are slowly catching on to the huge need to accommodate gluten intolerant consumers, even Disneyland offers many gluten free options now. Many gluten intolerant consumers have given up on dining out. This group makes up approximately 1.3 million Americans; with good service to their needs they can be long-term customers.

Dining out for a person with gluten issues is like placing the fate of the next several days in the hands of a stranger. Consuming gluten even through cross contamination can bring on days of discomfort and the commitment “to never dine there again.”

Today, restaurants have the opportunity to become educated and offer customers not only superior service but the comfort of knowing they are dining safely. Gluten Free Consultants offers education to restaurants from menu development, wait staff training, kitchen protocol and specialized marketing. With a few hours of training, restaurants can become confident in their service to customers dealing with gluten intolerance and easily gain customers for life.

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