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Student Researches Celiac Disease - June 2010

Jr. High student, Jacquelyn Askew of Carlsbad, California has taken on a research project of giant proportion. Diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 10 now this 12 year old seeks answers to questions like, “Why did it take so long to figure out what was making me so sick?” Askew has begun a research project to determine if there is a correlation between infants with colic and individuals diagnosed with celiac later in life.

This determined student who had severe colic as an infant wants to identify celiac sooner in life than the average diagnosis time of 10 years in the United States. If her theory proves true, medical professionals could test infants exhibiting colic for the gene markers of celiac, which would lead the way to much earlier diagnosis.

The study in under way as Askew is surveying through an online website and locations throughout the country. The anonymous survey asks people who have celiac or severe gluten intolerance if they had colic as an infant. Her findings will be published in January 2011. www.celiacresearchproject.com

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