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Our Story

It had been years, actually decades, since I had been 24 hours without a barrage of symptoms associated with celiac disease. For more than thirty years, I had been plagued with stomach cramps, bloating, headaches, and general exhaustion. Every several years I would venture the quest again, trying to get some medical answers. I would find a new doctor and start the process, blood work, upper GI, lower GI and lots of conversations that always lead to , You have severe IBS, Im sorry there is just nothing else we can do for you.

Two years ago my ten-year old daughter started exhibiting the same symptoms I had experienced for so long. She was constantly tired, suffered from headaches and had stomach aches primarily in the evening that would leave her on the floor in the fetal position often crying in pain.

I knew only too well the discomfort and frustration that she was feeling. I began the quest once again on myself, starting with my physician, knowing there would be tests and wanting to spare her the poking and prodding. Once again I was diagnosed with IBS, given pain killers and recommended to use an over the counter gas eliminator. Knowing I could wait no longer, I took my daughter to her pediatrician. After a short visit and review of her symptoms Dr. Julie Snyder Block quickly said, We need to test her for a gluten allergy. I had never even heard of gluten, much less celiac but after a blood test followed by an endoscopy she was confirmed to have celiac disease.

Overwhelmed in the beginning as I scoured the grocery aisles for food we could eat, I soon learned my way around. Gluten free foods are becoming more available as the general populace becomes familiar with the problem and as food manufacturers see the huge market share to be gained. Unfortunately there remain unlimited challenges when dining out, and it is through those experiences Gluten Free Consultants was born.

Many of us with celiac or gluten intolerance rarely dine out because its like taking your life and putting it in the hands of the waiter and chef. One false move and we can be sick for days. You know you are in trouble when a waiter responds with a questioning look and a statement such as, So you cant have dairy?

I set out on a mission to educate the staff of a few of my favourite restaurants. I decided that if I could befriend key wait staff and chefs of several restaurants perhaps we could still dine out as a family. This quickly turned into restaurant management asking for further assistance. With several years of hotel and restaurant experience coupled with decades as a management, marketing, and business consulting as a career, I began partnering with restaurateurs in the local community, which has since become a nationwide endeavor.

Restaurants are becoming more familiar with what gluten is and how dangerous it is to those of us avoiding it. They want to accommodate their patrons but often just dont know how to make sure their guests are safe in their dining experience. The most common errors in the kitchen are not from neglect but cross contamination and lack of education.

Gluten Free Consultants is pleased to help educate and equip restaurants in making the dining experience fearless for both their customers and themselves.

Gluten Free Consultants
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