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Gluten Free Consultants assists restaurants in better serving the needs of customers coping with gluten intolerance. A restaurant's efforts towards a gluten free environment allows customers to dine enjoyably and with confidence, not fear.
Meet Lori Askew
 Gluten Free Consultants was developed by Lori Askew, a retail management and marketing consultant who is personally dealing with celiac disease. Dining out to someone with gluten intolerance is worrisome and often leads to days of sickness. One out of every 133 people in the US are diagnosed with true Celiac Disease while studies show that of adults complaining of IBS or other chronic stomach problems the number is 1 in 30. While no cure exists the simple way to eliminate this continual discomfort is through a diet eliminating all traces of gluten....(more)

Gluten Free Consultants
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 Celiac Related to Colic in Infants -
January 2011

After surveying more than 500 people with Celiac Disease or severe gluten intolerance it was found that there is a strong correlation between the two. In the general population 20% of people had colic as an infant, for which there is not specific known cause. This study found that of individuals with Celiac or GI 39% had colic as infants. This is almost twice the occurrence rate.

The hope is that the medical community will begin giving the gene test to infants with colic to rule out Celiac or to determine the need to eliminate gluten intake whether through breast milk or formula. This one step alone could lead to much earlier diagnosis and shorten the time Celiacs go untreated and in pain.

For more information on this study contact jackie@glutenfreeconsultants.com.

Get Educated
With the help of Gluten Free Consultants, restaurants can be educated on how to provide excellent customer service and assure a safe and pain free dining experience for customers dealing with gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease through a brief one to two hour meeting. Have your local restaurant call Gluten Free Consultants and we will partner with them to make future dining experiences enjoyable not stressful!