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Restaurateurs’ FAQ’s & Comments

Q. Why should my restaurant be concerned with the gluten free customer?

A. A restaurant can easily gain LOYAL customers from the 2.3 million people who have some form of gluten intolerance by offering service which at this time is rare among restaurants.

Q. Are people with "gluten issues" just being picky eaters or trying to be trendy with a new buzz word?

A. A person with Celiac Disease or severe gluten intolerance does not have a choice in their eating habits. They are not just being 'picky eaters." The consumption of gluten in even the smallest amounts can cause illness including, intestinal cramping, diaherea, migraine and more that can last several days.

Q. How much is too much gluten for a person to intake?

A. As little as a bread crumb can cause a reaction in people with Celiac. For example, if a Caesar Salad is topped with croutons and then the croutons are removed, this does not make it gluten free, the crumbs left behind are more than enough to make someone seriously ill.

Q. What sort of liability am I taking on by offering gluten free choices?

A. As a restaurant you can posture yourself to make every effort to serve gluten free while releasing yourself from liability. Education and an attentive staff are all customers can hope for but when these happen success follows.

Restaurateur's Comments

"I was concerned about the liability but found this to be a non-issue after developing my menu and having my people better trained."

"I have seen more and more gluten free customers since I began offering a menu, word has travelled quickly." "It was definitely worth the minimal time and training."

"With a little help I was able to modify my existing menu to offer a separate Gluten Free Menu to customers requesting one."  

Gluten Free Consultants
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